Conference Learning Pack

As an ADDED BONUS to this year’s 4A’s CreateTech, we’re offering a Conference Learning Pack of three (3) sessions that provide additional knowledge of topics that will be discussed at this year’s conference. You’ll have access to view these sessions at your own convenience, before, during and after the conference in November.

Led by industry leaders from R/GA, Decoded and Facebook, with this pack you’ll learn:

  • How to Make Use of Data Without Being a Data Scientist
  • How to Find Your Customers Through Open Data, APIs, and Machine Learning 
  • How to Clear the Innovation Gap

Full descriptions below.

Data Decoded:  How to Make Use of Data Without Being a Data Scientist
Led by Tom Morton, SVP, Strategy, R/GA

The quantity and quality of data has exploded and everyone in the communications industry needs to know how to get the most out of data on a fundamental level.

Join Tom Morton for this webinar, which will cover basic methods for revealing fresh insights and truths that have previously gone undiscovered; how data can easily be used to create new, more original solutions that clients can buy because they are backed by hard data.
In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Not to be afraid of data and the confidence to take on data analysis yourself
  • Basic data analytics principles
  • Frameworks for looking at data to uncover new learning and brand truths
  • Golden rules for using data to tell stories and sell ideas

Digital Innovation Series: Find Your Customers Through Open Data, APIs, and Machine Learning
Led by Jeffrey Lancaster, Head of Product, Decoded

In this webinar, Decoded will take you on a whirlwind tour of how open data and APIs (social media and otherwise) are being leveraged by industry leaders to determine the best ways to connect to consumers. And they’ll break down the complex world of machine learning to see how advanced analytics are driving consumer insights.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • An understanding of what Open Data, APIs, and Machine Learning are
  • How the democratization of these tools makes it easier than ever to ask and answer complex questions about who consumers are
  • How businesses are using these tools to better understand their customers (using a few choice case studies)
  • Some of the ethical responsibilities when working with these datasets and tools
  • Some of the skills to be able to work with these tools

Clearing the Innovation Gap
Led by Andrew Bosworth, VP, Ads & Business Platform, Facebook

Facebook’s VP, Ads and Business Platform, and the architect of Facebook’s newsfeed, discusses how brands need to rethink who they are, how they’re structured, and how they commit to taking risks in today’s customer-centric, mobile-first world.


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