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Tuesday, February 5, 2019 @ Convene, 32 Old Slip, NYC


Bring your crew to
4A’s CreateTech 2019!


20% discount on all tickets after the first two attendees from the same organization


4A’s CreateTech is now 8! 

This conference has always brought information and conversation about the creative possibilities of advancing digital technologies and platforms. Creative technologists and leaders in advertising, their clients and other domains will gather together to begin a discussion of a new “Innovation Imperative”.

The day will consist of keynotes, discussions, demonstrations and workshops of leading edge ideas, creative executions and intelligent systems in business and art.

Topics will include AI & Creativity, Organization Design, Change Management, The Evolution of Digital Identity and The Social Role of Machine Learning.



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Presentation Feature

In Stop Mistaking Innovation for Futurism, Mauricio Ruiz, Group Creative Director of Grey Group, will lead a panel showing why futurism should be the compass for innovation—and how to make room for both in your culture and your budget.