CreateTech 2013

October 2-3, 2013,

Featured Speakers


Creativity, Technology and Education

CreateTech starts off with an hour conversation among some of the most insightful voices in creative technology today.

With the hunger for talent and innovation today at it's height, you'll hear from very different perspectives about the potential for profound creativity in technical activities and professions, and how one can teach a mashup of concepts that up until recently were culturally worlds apart.

Manoush Zomorodi, host and managing editor, WNYC’s New Tech City on Morning Edition



Creative Technology Panels

Creativity and Innovation

Agency work has shifted from marketing communications towards more complex content and technology products. This panel brings together an eclectic mix of product and software developers along with agency technologists to discuss how we are currently working together, what the roadblocks have been and ways we can modify our work styles to embrace this complexity.

Karen Monahan, VP Director of Integrated Production NA, momentumww


Agency Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs are popping up in agencies all over the country. Think tanks, maker spaces, incubators--the models vary widely. Labs have been launched at agencies large and small, integrated and digital, independent and networked. But do agency labs truly produce valuable innovation? Or are they merely showcases for shiny objects? Should your agency start a lab? How much should be invested, and how will you demonstrate monetary return? Should it focus on thought leadership, experiments, prototypes, products or even launching startups? These questions and many more will be answered by the early movers in this space.

Please help us gather information on this important topic: CreateTech Innovation Labs Survey. 

Mark Logan who heads up Barkley's innovation lab Moonshot will facilitate a lively discussion with innovation lab leaders that span the lab and agency spectrum.


Bits in Atoms:  Interactive Media in Built Environments

At all scales and at all budgets the possibilities for digital interaction in physical places continues to expand. Whether it's a simple Arduino-powered sensor and display, a wall of iPads, or an entire building lit up by social media, there are new aesthetics, sensibilities, and techniques emerging that will become part of our creative toolbox. Join us for a conversation with leading practitioners in this space

Kip Voytek, SVP, Director of Digital Innovation,  MDC Partners



Agency/Client creative technologies collaborations

Toyota makes car shopping social, with help from Google and Saatchi LA


Shopping for a car can be a daunting experience. Because of this, most people look to get help and advice from friends and family. This was the insight that lead to the development of the Toyota Collaborator, the worlds first truly social car configurator.

Shoppers can invite people to configure a Corolla, they can choose colors, add options, tour the interior, even take a virtual test drive, all inside a Google+ Hangout. They can even invite a Toyota dealer into the hangout to answer product questions or set up a time to visit a dealership. 
Join Google, Toyota and Saatchi LA as they show you how prototyping methods and 10x Storytelling helped lead to innovations in the automotive shopping process for Toyota’s customers.

ExxonMobil  & Hush - Upper Zakum


We're very happy to present a fascinating agency/client creative technologies story at CreateTech — Hush's work with ExxonMobil to present "ExxonMobil’s vision for consolidating and enhancing oil production in Upper Zakum, the largest oil field on Earth."

JFK Library, The Martin Agency, Tool of North America

Follow Apollo 11 live, 40 years later. Tweet along with JFK's inaugural address. See what today might look like if the Cuban Missile Crisis had ended in catastrophe. The JFK Presidential Library & Museum's interactive exhibits have brought history to life in new ways and inspired a new generation of followers. With the 50th anniversary of his death approaching, hear the JFK Library, The Martin Agency and Tool of North America discuss how they've merged history and technology to honor one of the great progressive leaders of our time.