CreateTech - Thursday, November 9, 2017

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Welcome to CreateTech
Marla Kaplowitz, President & CEO, 4A's
Tim LeakeChief Marketing Officer, RPA & CreateTech 2017 MC

9:10 - 9:30 AM
A.I. & A Creative Renaissance: An Open Conversation about Robots by Humans
Winston Binch, Chief Digital Officer, Deutsch North America
Catharine Findiesen Hays, Executive Director, The Wharton Future of Advertising Program

Engineers will find new roles in creative expression and artists will lead the design of meaningful computing. Business and marketing will benefit of new creative renaissance. Catharine Findiesen Hays of the Wharton Future of Advertising Program and Winston Binch, Chief Digital Officer of Deutsch will kickoff CreateTech with conversation about all the potential A.I. could bring to the creative enterprise and what marketing leaders, creatives and technologists have to look forward to.

9:30 - 9:55 AM
The Emerging Futures of Intelligence & The Role of Emotion In Business
Ari Popper, CEO and Founder, SciFutures

SciFutures is a company that uses science fiction to help clients prototype advanced technology-driven products and concepts. And their clients span many industries and even the military. Ari Popper the CEO and founder of SciFutures is an expert about possible futures and passionate about building futures for human flourishing. Ari was recently featured in the New Yorker and interviewed on NPR. (links below) Come hear Ari at CreateTech talk about the emerging, and more distant futures of intelligence, the role of emotion and the many questions that spring from the advance of new technologies.

9:55 - 10:30 AM
Designing for a Voice-Activated World
Michael Francisco, Head of Alexa Skill Kit Partners, Amazon
Joel Sucherman, Senior Director of Digital Products, NPR
Tom Webster, Vice President of Strategy, Edison Research
Moderator: Abbey Klaassen, Chief Marketing Officer, 360i

As the voice-activated, connected world becomes a reality for more people today, publishers, agencies, brands and consumers are adapting to a future where devices such as Google Home and Alexa-enabled speakers are a primary platform for content consumption and commerce, and a must-have resource in the home. In fact, 65% of current smart speakers owners say they wouldn’t want to go back to life without a voice-activated smart speaker, and 57% have already started making purchases through the device.  360i CMO Abbey Klaassen moderates a discussion with thought leaders at the forefront of voice-activation across disciplines about designing for this platform and this audience. The panel includes NPR’s Senior Director of Digital Products Joel Sucherman, Michael Francisco from Amazon’s Alexa product team and Edison Research VP Tom Webster, whose research firm this year partnered with NPR to conduct the first benchmark study on smart speaker use, The Smart Audio Report.

10:30 - 10:50 AM
Networking Break and Exhibitor Showcase

10:50 - 11:15 AM
Technology-Fueled Change
Karin Giefer, Executive Creative Director of Applied Data, frog

Technology-fueled change is reshaping our societies and economies. Data science, machine learning, and AI are bridging the chasm between human intellect and scalability. This new world promises radical opportunities for businesses and new experiences for customers. How can marketers and advertisers prepare for and thrive in this new market? In this talk, Karin will outline the opportunities that brands have – by leveraging huge data sets – to fulfill their customers’ desires for personalized experiences. Surfacing data is not enough. Brands need to apply sensitivity and context to data in order to meaningfully shape how humans experience the ubiquitous knowledge made accessible by technological advances. Karin will explore how when applied with a designer’s lens, data has the power to better connect brands and people by delivering a more human experience. She will also look into the future about how AI and design might help marketers scale and personalize communications and interactions. Karin has been working on connecting great brands and experiences through her work in advertising at Wieden + Kennedy, at the city scale with Arup, and now at an organizational scale as Executive Creative Director of Applied Data at frog.

11:15 - 11:50 AM
Snapchat's Creative Connectivity
Jeff Miller, Head of Creative Strategy, Snapchat

11:50 - 12:45 PM
Agencies, Clients and A.I. Today
Ricky Bacon, Group Technology Director, Critical Mass
Paul Brienza, Chief Technology Officer, Laughlin Constable                  
Tracy YoungLincoln, EVP, Intelligence, Data & Technology, Moxie                                       
Moderator: Marc Gowland, EVP, Executive Technology Director, Deutsch

12:45 - 2:00 PM
Lunch with Exhibitor Showcase, Special Workshops & Topic Tables

Accessibility/Inclusive Design Workshop (1 - 1:45PM)
led by Alison Walden, Director of Technology, SapientRazorfish
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2:00 - 2:25 PM
Have We Unlocked Limitless Creativity?
Jenna Niven, Creative Director, R/GA

As humans, we have always looked for ways to accelerate our physical abilities. We used the steam engine to enhance our muscle power. We launched satellites into space to enhance our ability to see. We create and innovate to transform our capabilities so it is no surprise we have now developed ways to use AI to enhance our creativity. Join R/GA Creative Director Jenna Niven as she discusses the impact of AI on creativity. She will share how R/GA is using an ‘AI augmented’ approach to create innovative solutions for their clients.

2:25 - 2:50 PM
Saatchi LA and Tool Trained IBM Watson to Write Thousands of Ads for Toyota
Chris Pierantozzi, Executive Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi LA
Moderator: Steve Mapp, Director, Tool of North America

Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles teamed up with integrated production company Tool of North America to create a targeted and AI driven content project for the Toyota Rav4. They used IBM’s Watson to power the campaign by uploading top activities and pairing two that were least likely to be matched, resulting in a targeted scripted ad. You’ll hear from Chris Pierantozzi, ECD at Saatchi & Saatchi LA, and Steve Mapp, Director, Tool of North America, as they discuss this case study and their collaborations on everything from building and filming the RAVtivity machine to using machine learning to process images, which allowed over 300 versions of the campaign content to be created using a proprietary dynamic video rendering platform.

2:50 - 3:15 PM
Leveraging A.I. for Creativity
Kelly NylandTechnology Marketing Executive / Consultant
Sabri Sansoy, CEO and Roboticist, Orchanic
Todd Terrazas, Co-Founder & CEO, Brainitch  
Moderator: Dustin Callif, Managing Partner, Tool of North America

As artificial intelligence continually ascends into our everyday lives, what should we be doing with it? Until the next inevitable home virtual assistant debuts, we could be using this moment to leverage the endless possibilities of AI for something more — creativity. For advertisers and brands, the AI landscape can be a vital opportunity to deliver more engaging experiences to consumers and really let creativity shine through. Hear from Sabri Sansoy, CEO & Roboticist at Orchanic LLC, and Todd Terrazas, Co-Founder & CEO of Brainitch, who will discuss the creative capabilities with AI and how it can push the envelope and open doors for the industry. The panel will be moderated by Dustin Callif, Managing Partner at Tool of North America.

3:15 - 3:40 PM
Embracing Disruption: Innovation in A Branded Content Studio
Tom De Napoli, Sr. Director, Content & Platform Strategy, Viacom Velocity

How does a brand studio operating in a media company where content is king adapt to and embrace emerging technologies in the campaigns we create for our advertisers?  In this presentation, Viacom Velocity’s Thomas De Napoli will discuss a real-world example of how by tapping into the company’s roots as creative risk takers, his team is overcoming that challenges that come with integrating new technologies into their client capabilities and how creatives and technologists can come together to give fans the tools they need to express their own creativity.

3:40 - 4:10 PM
Networking Break and Exhibitor Showcase

4:10 - 4:35 PM
How A.I. Will Take Part In Creative Ideation
Mathew Ray, Technology Director, Google Creative Lab

Google is one the world's leaders in AI research, and applying AI to great user experiences. And Google also is a leader in making AI available to public through Google Cloud. And for creatives, Google Creative Lab created a set of playful creative tools for users to experiment with an art-related widgets called AI Experiments. ( Mathew Ray, Technology Director of the Google Creative Lab will explore ways in which AI will soon collaborate in creative ideation. will explore ways in which AI can be seen as an accessible tool for education and expression.

4:35 - 5:10 PM
With A.I. [Power] Comes Great Responsibility                                                                                                                  
David Fisher, Product Lead, ustwo
Megan Harris, Managing Director, SYZYGY New York
Natalie Prout, Strategy Director, Phenomenon     
Moderator: Levi Brooks, CEO, Use All Five                                                                                                 

A new age of human - machine relationships is upon us. Creatives and designers will be responsible for fashioning the relationship between humans and machine. What principles should we be considering at the dawn of this new age? CreateTech brings experts and thinkers from many disciplines to consider our joint future.

5:10 - 5:35 PM
Can a Film Made by a Machine Move You?                                                                                                         
Saker Klippsten, CTO, Zoic Studios, Zoic Labs
Kristen Little, Senior Interactive Producer, Team One
Sarah McGee, Pipeline Manager/Developer, Zoic Studios
Loni PeristereCo-Founder, Zoic Studios

Films make us laugh and cry. Filmmakers who wield this power can impact the world, but is filmmaking a uniquely human skill? Can a film made by a machine move you? Zoic Labs and Saatchi/Team One conducted an experiment to answer this question using open source and custom AI tools: IBM Watson, EEG, emotion recognition, MS Rinna chatbot, auto-editing and neural art software. Is this the future of storytelling?

5:35 - 5:40 PM
CreateTech 2017 Wrap-Up
Chick Foxgrover, EVP, Creative Technology and Innovation, 4A's

5:40 - 7:30 PM
Networking Reception

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