CreateTech 2015: Why

Createtech, now in its fifth year, was founded to provide a forum for technologists primarily working in advertising, but also for anyone with a technology background working in a creative enterprise.

Our speakers come from both inside and outside the advertising industry. Our audience is made up of professionals in advertising and other tech-driven creative fields such as digital strategy, interactive experience or product design from other industries.

All work with, design or build digital tools every day. You’ll be joining a knowledgable, experienced community of peers, diving into the challenges we all share (personally as well as professionally) in managing digitally driven lives.

CreateTech’s theme this year is “creativity and the adjacent possible.” The “adjacent possible” is a concept I was introduced to through Stephen Johnson’s book, How We Got to Now and his essay, The Genius of the Tinkerer.

After reading Johnson’s book I was was particularly taken with the suggestiveness of the concept as a thought experiment for many of us looking to innovate collaboratively in our work and thinking.

For the conference, we interpret “adjacent possible” as optimizing imaginatively with the resources, tools, and activities that are evolving around us, while pushing our own ideas into the cultural and professional mix.

- Chick Foxgrover , Chief Digital Officer, 4A's - Founder, CreateTech

CreateTech 2015: Who

CreateTech 2015: How

Keynotes, case studies and sessions on Adjacent Possible topics and presentations of cutting-edge work at the nexus of creativity and technology.

KEEP UP TO DATE: CreateTech 2015 Agenda

The Agency

What is the role of technology in the agency today? New positions, New processes, New capabilities. What do new structures of media communications and consumer behavior require of the creative business?

The Enterprise

All business is now digital business; enabling, disorderly and exciting. Advertisers and marketers are evolving and creating for new networks.


Technology is just another word for the instruments of life; tools we create, and re-create us.
Technology always challenges convention and moves us forward towards new solutions AND new problems. Digital, mobile and very personal communications technologies have swept in new individual and collective behavior and mindsets.

The Emerging Future

The world is now alive with still yet unrealized potential and innovations too numerous to follow. We must meet this new world with our hearts and imaginations if we're to participate in the promise of the digital age.

"Most of the technology involved in the web ... had all been designed already. I just had to put them together. It was a step of generalizing, going to a higher level of abstraction, thinking about ...a larger imaginary documentation system.”
-Tim Berners-Lee on inventing the World Wide Web.

Check out the growing list of organizations who will be at CreateTech 2015!

Organizations represented at CreateTech 2015!
360i LLC
ARC Worldwide/Chicago
Building Alliances
Business Innovation Factory (BIF)
Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners
Clarity Coverdale Fury Advertising
Cramer-Krasselt Co.
Deloitte Consulting LLP
Emerge Interactive
Hakuhodo, Inc.
Ignite Social Media
Innocean Worldwide Americas
Leaders in Software and Art
Leo Burnett Worldwide
McKinney/New York
New York Times
Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
OgilvyOne Worldwide/New York
OMD Ignition Factory
Periscope, Inc.
RP3 Agency
Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness
Sovrn State
St. John & Partners
The Barbarian Group, Headquarters
The Future Hunters
The New School
USA Today
WEX Inc.