CreateTech: Our Ongoing Mission

"A must-have superpower in the 21st century is the capability to connect the dots across both emerging and existing technologies. Everything we need to innovate is in our sandbox and can be found at the edges between our sectors, disciplines, and technological silos."
—Saul Kaplan, Founder and Chief Catalyst, Business Innovation Factory

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CreateTech launched in 2011 to provide a forum for technologists working in advertising. They are a special group, from diverse professional and educational backgrounds, bringing new skills into agencies and building new agency capabilities. CreateTech in 2016 attracts a broad range of digital professionals and executives working in a creative role or enterprise.

Past CreateTech conferences tackled such forward-thinking themes as artificial intelligence and creativity; making and thinking; ubiquitous intelligence; immersive storytelling; the rise of marketing technology systems; and innovation lab models.

This Year: Design and the Future of Advertising

Design is everywhere humans bring their insights and solutions to life. We'll focus on the wide range of application of design to communications, products and services in brands, businesses, work and life. We'll invite speakers to share and analyze examples of current and future applications.

  • Engage the world of design thinking and practice as a key strategy in the digital transformation of creative communications and innovation in agencies and elsewhere.
  • Hear from major marketers how end-to-end customer experience design and digital technology is now the primary focus of business strategy, enterprise organizational realignment and is changing the world of marketing communications.
  • Follow the transition from mass media communications to digital social and personal interactions as a primary brand connection.
  • Learn how advertising and marketing can now provide greater value and usefulness for meaningful brand interactions.
  • See how user experience design is helping brands and organizations produce more effective communications in an evolving media space now dominated by the internet and mobile technology.
  • See how design practices can deploy the possibilities of ubiquitous and immersive intelligence.
  • Experience some of the most inventive work emerging from agencies, brands and artists: new modes of expression with sensors; data analytics; machine learning; artificial intelligence; creative algorithms and more.

Our speakers and presenters come from both inside and outside the advertising industry. Our audience is made up of professionals from many industries, in creative fields such as user experience design, software development, digital strategy, product design, innovation strategies and digital transformation.

Most CreateTech participants build, design, or work with digital tools every day. As a speaker, sponsor or attendee, you’ll be joining a knowledgeable, experienced community of peers, diving into the challenges and passions we all share in managing digitally-driven lives, innovative work and cross-disciplinary teams.