Creativity and the Internet of Everything: new abilities, new interfaces, new designs, new behaviors, new data

We’re exploring with those leaders who are working on the frontiers of our expanding digital lives.

Conference Snapshot

  • Meeting place for agency technologists, creatives and strategists.
  • Summit for presenting and discussing the great work and collaborations in creative experiences and communications design.
  • An opportunity to explore our the digital future with thought leaders, visionaries, leading-edge marketers and peers.

Organized by the advertising industry’s association, the 4A's, CreateTech’s annual gathering is a singular opportunity to focus on the dynamic interaction of technology and the industry’s creative disciplines. For the past three years, CreateTech has been a leading event, exploring the outer limits of digital creative and the changes technology has brought to the industry.

CreateTech’s theme for 2014 is: No edges: humans machines environments

CreateTech tackles and investigates this theme in three ways:

“Ambient intelligence”: people, places, things

The starting point is the emerging Internet of Everything, an ever-more-connected world of people, places and things: Wearable technology; smart appliances; connected cars; homes and environments. The implications are nothing short of what Jeremy Rifkin called a Third Industrial Revolution.

Speakers from a wide array of fields, from urban design to game design to robotics, will explore how individuals, technologists and brands will be advancing new models of communication design for pervasive media and new personal and social behaviors and habits.

Applications: knowledge, skills, working together

The edges between disciplines in engineering, creative expression and media are breaking down. Data, automation, ubiquitous sensing and expressive devices are blurring the edges between all forms of interactive communications and media channels.

And once hard edges of silo’ed expertise are blurring into collaborative practices, team structures and value exchange. Dedicated sessions will grapple with the requirements and challenges of the new creative team; how to attract and hold top talent; how to plan for and reap excellence.

Our stories: client, agencies, consumers, ourselves

CreateTech tells great stories--from agencies, marketers, technologists and everyone--about the ways that digitally enabled physical and virtual environments are changing how we live, what we do and how we think and feel.

And, of course, CreateTech celebrates and highlights the work—inspiring, dazzling, far-reaching—born of these collaborations.

We are very pleased to be holding CreateTech in Boston the home of MIT MediaLab, the Harvard iLab, a vibrant startup community and a city that is pioneering in its deployment of the internet of things.