IDEO at CreateTech!

We excited to announce that Ryan Habbyshaw, Senior Design Lead, IDEO will present  "Making in the Margin" sharing how IDEO designers flex their creative muscles to stay inspired and nimble. Ryan will highlight learnings from his journey from Arnold R&D to IDEO and share insights into how you can become more creatively confident. 

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Confirmed! Ray Kurzweil: Creativity and the Singularity.

Ray Kurzweil, genius futurist, now a director of Engineering at Google working on natural language processing and the author of a number of important and controversial books on the digital future of human consciousness, will be a feature speaker at CreateTech this year.

Ray will participate via Google Hangout in a conversation with Google's Creative Lab about human creativity and "the next step in this inexorable evolutionary process: the union of human and machine, in which the knowledge and skills embedded in our brains will be combined with the vastly greater capacity, speed, and knowledge-sharing ability of our own creations."

Save the date! CreateTech 2013! October 2-3 2013, Brooklyn NY.

Left Brain + Right Brain


The Idea, The Design, The Making


CreateTech has quickly become one of the premier conferences focused on the rapidly growing field of Creative Technology. Leaders from both marketing and advertising agencies as well as industry leaders take this opportunity to learn from each other and advance their abilities and understanding of the increasing need to optimize the marriage of the Left Brain and Right Brain sides of their organizations to deliver amazing results.


CreateTech 2013 will feature several high profile keynote speakers that are known thought leaders. But it will also feature and involve the attendees far more than other conferences. This conference is about you, the people making it happen every day.


The conference will have 3 half-day sections, two on the first day and one on the second. Each section will focus on a key phase of the life cycle for bringing creative technology to life: The Idea, The Design, and The Making. Each section will be kicked off by leading keynote speakers, feature a case study presented by the combined agency/client team, have moderated panels on topics related to that area, and feature a “Blind Ignite” style presentation from one of the CreateTech Board Members. If you'd like to participate or have a great idea for us please visit this page: CreateTech 2013 Participation Form


We will be accepting speaker proposals to feature at least three success stories of effective combined creative and technological solutions from different agencies and with their Creative Director, Technical Director (whatever you call them!) and their client to take us through their process.


We will also have several moderated panels on key subjects of interest to agencies and the challenges in making creative technology not just work, but truly be optimized for results. We’ll be asking attendees to submit applications to join these panels to make this conference as much about you as possible. You, and of course, great creative, engaging technology, inspiring value for client brands.


And who are you? You know who you are.


Senior leaders in technology and creative at Agencies as well as industry. ECD’s, CD’s, Producers, Tech Directors and Architects, CTO’s, CIO’s and all those responsible for making impactful creative experiences with technology and engineering.