Ari Popper

Founder and CEO

Ari is the Founder and CEO of SciFutures, an innovation house that uses sci-fi prototyping to help their clients create meaningful change in this Exponential Age.  SciFutures works in a wide variety of industries with Fortune 500 clients such Lowe’s, Hershey, Ford, Brocade and Pepsi.  Ari has over 20 years' experience as marketing, consumer research and innovation consultant.

Ari is a sought after keynote speaker and his view on disruptive innovation and the changing landscape of business is inspiring, provocative and motivating.  He is a passionate sci fi fan and amateur sci fi writer who was inspired to start SciFutures during a creative sci fi writing class at UCLA. He says that: “Science Fiction is powerful business tool because it helps businesses understand the human potential of emerging technologies in order to develop human centered business strategies that the whole organization can understand and be inspired to rally behind.  This provides a significant competitive advantage.”  

When Ari isn’t running SciFutures and reading sci fi, Ari is marathon training and living in the California sunshine with his wife and two pets.