4A's CreateTech - it's over!


by Nick Parish

Following the inaugural 2011 event there were several major themes that emerged, most notably, that technology ideas emanating from advertising companies were frequently ideas much bigger than advertising. 

McKinney talked about a project that was helping people empathize with the homeless. American Express OPEN detailed how its efforts were fostering job creation through enabling small business. Heineken and AKQA are connecting people to their passions in sports. Lastly, Kati London talked about her projects, which used games to help bring communities together and prepare for disaster.  

Additionally, teams are changing; the way we work together has shifted to put technology at the center of all idea generation. 

Fragmentation has had its way with our viewers, and forced us to gather audience using the best combination of tactics, strategy and creative momentum. 


Some of the most re-tweeted insights include:


"Ads used to be the be all and end all of campaigns, now they are traffic drivers to other experiences "

"Stop thinking of tech people in ur agency as production. They're creative-just sketching in 1's & 0's "

"if you seek untraditional ideas, build untraditional teams."

"Writing code is part of the value chain, but it's not the whole value chain."

"Digital agencies are creative technology organizations."

"The smaller the budget the greater the chance an agency will be creative." 

"It's your privilege, honor & responsibility as a maker to find out how people are using your systems in real life." 

"Technology changes fast, but people change slowly."

We've created a Tweetreport for the day's hashtag, to go back and check out what you might have missed.

There's also a helpful archive to view multimedia assets including slides, photos and more at Topsy (whose Eddie Smith joined our last panel of the day).  

Here's some more good stuff to explore (More coming!):

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BestBuy's video on OPEN apis : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7r7QpIDEI_o&feature=youtu.be