"Your apps will stay awesome if you get them from some other place..." than the Apple AppStore?

This from a comment at Ars technica: Apple pushes back sandboxing deadline as devs struggle with tradeoffs.

"Apple has given developers a few more months to either come to grips with its new app sandboxing requirements or say goodbye to the Mac App Store. Apple originally set a November deadline for apps sold through the Mac App Store to use Lion's new sandboxing framework for increased security, but the company told developers on Wednesday that the deadline had been pushed back to March 1, 2012.

Still, while some developers were already prepared for the November deadline, others are struggling with what they see as imposing limitations or reduced functionality in the sandboxing APIs. Ars spoke to a few experts in order to understand the tradeoffs Apple's sandboxing implementation will cause both developers and end users."

And here's Ars Technica's full review of Apple's new OS 10.7 Mountain Lion.

Chick FoxgroverComment