Cole Stryker - Why identity is the web's next battleground.

What is privacy? What is identity? What is anonymity? These are questions in the background of Cole Stryker’s new book, Hacking the Future: Privacy, Identity, and Anonymity on the Web.  

"The hacker mindset, ultimately, is the one which Stryker sides with; the one which weeds out its own troublemakers (or helps the authorities find the worst offenders, like child phornographers), and respects the important borders that anonymity provides to citizens of the internet. Stryker told me that the internet, he believes, will "continue to be a place for people to speak truth to power," and his book is strongest when he argues that anonymity is something which should be embraced, regardless of the mostly low-impact tradeoffs. "

Laura June interviews Stryker at The Verge.

Chick FoxgroverComment