Google[x] lab : a wearable device that couples with nanotechnology to detect disease: “Think of it as sort of like a mini self-driving car.”

Google’s head of life sciences, Andrew Conrad took to the stage at the Wall Street Journal Digital conference: “We’re passionate about switching from reactive to proactive and we’re trying to provide the tools that make that feasible,”

The plan is to test whether tiny particles coated “magnetized” with antibodies can catch disease in its nascent stages. The tiny particles are essentially programmed to spread throughout the body via pill and then latch on to the abnormal cells. The wearable device then “calls” the nanoparticles back to ask them what’s going on with the body and to find out if the person who swallowed the pill has cancer or other diseases.

Read the article in TechCrunch by Sarah Buhr (@sarahbuhr)


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