UX Infographics: 9 to Pin to Your Wall

Rebecca jackson in User Experience Magazine writes:

Presenting information in a visual manner such as in an infographic can be an effective way to convey a message. A good infographic will draw you in and can encourage you to share or print it, while a not-so-great infographic can cause your eyes to glaze over and the cursor to hover the ‘x’ icon.

But what makes a good infographic? According to design experts (from What Makes A Great Infographic? 8 Experts Weigh In):

  • A compelling and credible information
  • A good structure and story
  • An engaging visual style
  • Being concise and shareable

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a collection (of infographics) that not only represents the elements of good infographics, but which also does a great job of illustrating UX fundamentals.

Read more and see them here: http://uxpamagazine.org/ux-infographics/

Chick FoxgroverComment