November 9-10, 2016
Convene - 32 Old Slip, NYC, NY


CreateTech 2016: Explore the broad reach of design thinking and practice, the key strategic imperative in creative communications and innovation today.

Discover some of the most advanced thinking and exciting work in brand experience design and the teams that make it possible at CreateTech 2016, Nov.9-10 NYC. REGISTER NOW.

Anna Kucheryavaya, Isobar

Anna Kucheryavaya, Isobar

Technology has created broad new fields of exploration for creativity — for products, utility and communications. It’s not enough to optimize our existing practices; we must reach across old divisions to discover new innovative opportunities for the agency, the enterprise and society.

Enterprises today rely on design methodologies to understand and create great experiences for a personal, interactive digital media world. Design-oriented disciplines such as cognitive research, iterative prototyping and testing, multidisciplinary teams and visualization are becoming the new paradigms. These are the tools brands will need to gain—and maintain—a marketing advantage.



"A must-have superpower in the 21st century is the capability to connect the dots across both emerging and existing technologies...
Everything we need to innovate is in our sandbox and can be found at the edges between our sectors, disciplines, and technological silos."

-Saul Kaplan
Founder and Chief Catalyst, Business Innovation Factory