CreateTech 2013 brings together the most eclectic group of inspiring speakers to investigate the nexus of creativity and technology in marketing and culture.

Coming to CreateTech: peers and thought leaders from 360i, Viacom, Google, Digitas, Horizon Media, Grupo Gallegos, Starcom, Deutsch, Saatchi&Saatchi, Arnold Worldwide, Dieste, BBH, Microsoft, Exxon and many many more.





With a great community of technologists, thinkers, makers, and agencies, Boston will be an ideal location for this year's CreateTech. We're going into planning now so save the date! More details soon as we get it together.

Chick -

We excited to announce that Ryan Habbyshaw, Senior Design Lead, IDEO will present  "Making in the Margin" sharing how IDEO designers flex their creative muscles to stay inspired and nimble. Ryan will highlight learnings from his journey from Arnold R&D to IDEO and share insights into how you can become more creatively confident. 

The Martin Agency, Tool & JFK Presidential Library & Museum's interactive exhibits

The JFK Library, The Martin Agency and Tool of North America discuss how they've merged history and technology to honor one of the great progressive leaders of our time.


Google, Toyota and Saatchi LA to present the "Toyota Collaborator" at CreateTech

Demo'ed at Google I/O and profiled on Fast Company Create, CreateTech is proud to welcome Toyota, Google and Saatchi LA to present a fascinating project with a fascinating story.


Phoenix Perry,  Adjunct Professor, Gaming, Design and Embodiment at NYU Poly, NYU ITP and NYU Steinhardt, will talk about game design as a starting point for understanding digital design and her creative process where fancy and reason do a sympathetic dance that gets to a better creative product.  Along the way she's going to show some of the games she's working on and has released.  

In addition to the Innovation Labs discussion session at CreateTech we are gathering information about the multifarious configurations and uses of Innovation Labs in agencies and other kinds of firms. Please consider taking a few minutes to contribute to our survey.

 "What energizes me now is that a whole new set of disruptive technologies are creating new opportunities for the businesses that are willing to embrace them." - Pete Stein @pstein211

From STEM to STEAM, the question of the day is the art and innovation in technology, the technology of new art and innovation. What are the concepts and understandings that can help us nurture the talents we need for tomorrow. Manoush Zomorodi leads a panel discussion to kick off CreateTech with some of the most insightful voices in the field today.  Read more here.

Hush and ExxonMobil to present at CreateTech

We're very happy to present a fascinating agency/client creative technologies story at CreateTech — Hush's work with ExxonMobil to present "ExxonMobil’s vision for consolidating and enhancing oil production in Upper Zakum, the largest oil field on Earth."

We're extremely happy to announce that Manoush Zomorodi will kick off CreateTech leading a panel on Creativity, Technology and Education. Look here for more details on this exciting session.

CreateTech Blog

On the day Flash died, let's celebrate "The Flash Artists who Cybersquatted the Whitney Biennial"

"Thank you, but making a Salon des Refusés 2002 is not exactly our intention. We have our Space: it is the internet itself, larger and a lot more powerful than the Whitney."

 the project itself was, and remains, a performative internet fantasy.

 UX Infographics: 9 to Pin to Your Wall

"It’s a bit of a magic formula. David Byrne says good infographics “engender and facilitate an insight by visual means—allow us to grasp some relationship quickly and easily.” The simplicity of a good infographic is counterbalanced by the effort required to distil the information into an engaging balance of text and imagery that conveys the message in a concise and sharable way."

Rebecca Jackson

Flick Pixels - Wallpaper for the Internet of Things

The aim of this project was to develop 'wallpaper for the Internet of Things'. Initially it seemed unlikely that there could be a simple and reliable solution to the problem, but a gradual process of evolution created a surprisingly elegant and effective device...

Virtual reality and the adjacent possible

"All of this is possible because, like the PC and the smartphone, virtual reality isn’t so much a single technology as the happy coincidence of a bunch of related ones. Motion tracking, 3-D capture, ultra-high-resolution displays, fast graphics chips and a deep library of 3-D software developed for games and other applications are coming together at just the right time. Google, Facebook, Sony, HTC, Microsoft and countless smaller competitors have already made public their plans for VR, and given its hiring and patents in the area, it’s likely Apple is working on it too."

There’s a blockchain for that!

"At root, the blockchain is all about replacing the servers that power today’s online world with computing power and storage that we all share. Every network requires what programmers call a “single source of truth” — the authority that says, “this is real,” “this user is who she claims to be,” “this transaction occurred.” To date, we have depended on servers run by corporations and governments to provide our single sources of truth. Even the Internet itself uses a handful of root servers to make the domain-name system work.

The blockchain turns the entire network into its source of truth. It’s a mechanism for us to collectively confer legitimacy on one another. That’s why it appeals to the same people who fell in love with the Internet and the Web 20 years ago: No individual or company owns it, and anyone can participate in it.

Blockchainiacs expect that this innovation will detonate a big bang of new, secure, decentralized services and markets — not replacing today’s Internet but extending its reach and capabilities. ..."

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