Save the date - CreateTech 2014 - BOSTON - November 12-13, 2014
Our lives are now enmeshed with technology in more ways than we can count.
The boundaries dividing humans, machines, and built environments are falling;
everyday life is becoming a mesh of emerging cultures and behaviors.

Technology is erasing old boundaries. Explore new territory at CreateTech 2014.

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On the day Flash died, let's celebrate "The Flash Artists who Cybersquatted the Whitney Biennial"

"Thank you, but making a Salon des Refusés 2002 is not exactly our intention. We have our Space: it is the internet itself, larger and a lot more powerful than the Whitney."

 the project itself was, and remains, a performative internet fantasy.

 UX Infographics: 9 to Pin to Your Wall

"It’s a bit of a magic formula. David Byrne says good infographics “engender and facilitate an insight by visual means—allow us to grasp some relationship quickly and easily.” The simplicity of a good infographic is counterbalanced by the effort required to distil the information into an engaging balance of text and imagery that conveys the message in a concise and sharable way."

Rebecca Jackson

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With a great community of technologists, thinkers, makers, and agencies, Boston will be an ideal location for this year's CreateTech. We're going into planning now so save the date! More details soon as we get it together.

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