Jason Jercinovic
Global Head of Marketing Innovation & Global Brand Director

Jason is a veteran digital marketer with over twenty diverse years of experience in technology, advertising and marketing.  Jason has led efforts on many fronts:  from agency to client, spend to buy, as well as from startup to established global engagements.

Jason's career has spanned the development of the Internet. With an energetic obsession in all things innovative and truly a Digital Native, Jason has most recently focused on successfully applying digital innovation to the enterprise. For the past 5 years Jason has headed the New York office of Havas (As President) and is now in a Global position, focusing on scaling and deploying innovation across the Havas network.  Jason manages numerous cross-functional teams of strategists, designers and technologists who are pioneers in developing transformational products, experiences and services.

Jason has practical knowledge across a multitude of fields. His experience includes global sports marketers (Nike and Adidas) pop media super stars (Taylor Swift, Olivia Munn, & Justin Bieber) and enterprise software and services (IBM & Sony). Earlier in his career Jason headed up Havas Digital in Australia, working on global accounts (Intel & Dell) in addition to trusted Australian clients (Sony Australia, Northern Territory Tourism Commission, & Tourism Australia). While living in Australia, Jason additionally as the CEO of the Asia Pacific-based mobile connectivity and marketing provider Communicator, funded by Australia's leading private equity/VC firm Allen and Buckridge. His time with the venture led to a successful public offering for the company.