Jonathan Rosen
SVP of Content, Strategy and Creative Services, PRN

Jonathan Rosen is SVP of Content, Strategy and Creative Services at PRN. He joined PRN over 10 years ago, and leads the practice of shopper experience – focusing on media and technologies that affect shopper behavior in physical stores. In his role, he has architected large scale networks and supported new retail partnerships with the world’s largest retailers (Walmart, Costco and Target), created award-winning brand activation campaigns with beloved brands (Kraft and LEGO) and secured 100+ content partnerships with key channels (NBC, Paramount, and the NFL).
In 2014 Jonathan joined the executive team of PRN, helping to define and execute a strategic growth plan that exceeded all revenue growth, profitability and cash flow forecasts. Jonathan then participated in management discussions with potential acquirers and helped secure the successful sale of the company to Stratacache.
A former founder of Spine Films, Jonathan created original long form and episodic content for broadcast and cable networks, including CBS, Discovery and National Geographic. Today, he applies his storytelling expertise to retail and merchandising strategy – believing that retail is an amazing laboratory to study the art and science of short form communication.
Jonathan holds a B.A. from Columbia University, where he graduated with honors and was a Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.