Justin Durazzo

Justin Durazzo
Creative Executive Producer of Interactive and VR Projects

Justin Durazzo is a Creative Executive Producer of Interactive and VR Projects at Droga5 New York. He's an influential part of the creative process and execution across multiple clients and organizations including Under Armour, Google, Hennessy, UNICEF Tap Project, Prudential, and a host of other agency initiatives to constantly foster organic culture. Known widely for his non-traditional approach to creative briefs and productions, he seeks to push the boundaries of what's possible in alignment with the vision of Droga5 as an agency.

He's won several FWA's and Awwwards for Coke Zero, Smartwater, Under Armour and Hennessy and the Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes for Under Armour's I WILL WHAT I WANT campaign in 2015. He also recently won a Cannes bronze lion for Under Armour's Slay Your Next Giant campaign in 2016.

Justin has been heavily involved in research and creative development for various VR and AR projects and has spoken on panels for Samsung, Northside Festival and a Google offsite conference to speak about tech as a rich storytelling medium.

He is interested in continuing to cultivate Droga5's Special Projects and establishing new ways of working on experiential interactive projects with the best talent in the business.

Once self-considered a jack of tall trades, now takes pride in owning a generalist, holistic approach to all of his projects.