Sabri Sansoy

CEO & Roboticist
Orchanic LLC

Sabri Sansoy is an MIT educated, seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. As one of the world’s leading AI experts and consultants with IBM Watson, he most recently helped create their world publicized “Cognitive Dress,” vetting and integrating the ‘dress technology' that wirelessly communicated in realtime with Watson's Tone Analyzer.

Shortly before that, Sansoy helped bring to life Volkswagen’s innovative ad campaign “Unleash Your Rrr,”which allowed users to create their own virtual test drive of a Golf R by making car noises into their computer. Sansoy has spoken at the Fast Company Innovation Festival, IBM World of Watson, VIVA Technology Paris, and most recently, presented on the topic “AIMed - Articial Intelligence in Medicine” for Wearables & Deep Learning.