Catharine Findiesen Hay

Catharine is the founding Executive Director of the Wharton Future of Advertising Program, a leading research center bridging practitioners and academia and the co-author of “Beyond Advertising - Creating Value Through All Customer Touchpoints”. 

Catharine will open CreateTech with insights from this influential book and how experience design gives agencies the strategic and creative tools to help brands engage in a world of multiplying connected touchpoints.

Steve Haro - Boeing & CEO & Founder of Lift360 LLC

Steve’s current work with Boeing is developing new features to ensure the 777X airplane supports the current and futureInternet of Things Aviation (IoTA) ecosystem. Working across all domains of an airline to identify the emerging connectivitytechnology requirements to support the future needs and expectations of passengers, crew and airlines.

Driving new levels of efficiencies will lower operating costs while emerging capabilities will enable new sources of revenue andensure airlines continue to create unique differentiation for passengers in all aspects of their travel experience.

Space 150 - Marc Jensen
Digital To Physical: Designing for Conversation

The democratization of experience available to consumers through their social networks, through TV, through a VR headset,
etc. has set the bar far higher than any brand or agency could have considered.

Digital to physical work is one area in particular where the necessity to stand out and create conversation has increased. The
physical spaces where advertisers have traditionally operated (movie theaters, stadiums) are now relegated to backdrops for
social sharing or playing second fiddle to Netflix.

In this session, Marc Jensen, Managing Partner and Chief Innovation Officer at space150, will join XXX person to discuss how
to design physical-to-digital experience in a way that creates conversation. Through case study examples, Marc will share how
brands can and should explore the interplay between exclusivity, personalization and social engineering to create engaging

Why Science and Mathematics are the Foundations to Building Industries
Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, Founder & CEO, Drawbridge

Kamakshi will detail how the foundations of mathematics and science are responsible for driving innovations across every imaginable field. Engineer turned CEO, she’ll discuss how science and math impacted her career, as well as give life to other industries.

Kamakshi received her PhD in Information Theory and Algorithms from Stanford University, has been named one of Business Insider’s “Most Powerful Women in Mobile Advertising” four years in a row and has the unique distinction of her work being on board NASA’s New Horizons farthest space mission to Pluto.

The New Breed of Brand Intelligence

Havas' global head of marketing innovation, Jason Jercinovic
Jodie Sasse, Director, Watson Ecosystem, IBM

Marketers are collecting more data than ever about consumers, but without the right technologies to effectively analyze and action all of this information, very little proves valuable. To combat fruitless data collection, IBM and the Havas Group have launched Havas Cognitive to bring the cognitive computing power of IBM Watson to marketers and ultimately help them develop marketing campaigns and products better tailored to individual consumers. Hear from Havas' global head of marketing innovation, Jason Jercinovic, on how marketers can leverage artificial intelligence and move closer to one-on-one audience segmentation as well as examples of how cognitive technology transforms business.