Steve Haro

Steve Haro
777X Connectivity, Boeing & Founder-CEO, Lift 360 LLC

For over 30 years, Steve Haro has been a part of many great teams, organizations and companies who’ve successfully in overcame business adversities and global brand positioning challenges. His B2B and B2C experiences span from small tech start-ups to multi-billion dollar global companies.  He currently works in Boeing's new Airplane Development organization collaborating with leading tech companies and the world's largest international airlines to define the Connectivity features that will support connected travelers, connected crews, and connected airlines of the future.

Prior to this he was the 777X Brand Marketing Director for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, which had the largest product launch in commercial aviation history ($95B USD Dubai, November 2013).  Over his years in Brand Marketing he was also responsible for brand and global market positioning of the Boeing 777 Airplane and was part of the team that developed and launched the 787 Dreamliner Brand.  Steve is the CEO and founder of LIFT-360, a business transformation firm that helps companies maximize their perceived value and become category leaders regardless of their stage of market maturity.  LIFT-360 has helped B2B, B2C, and B2B2C companies in all categories from technology to luxury consumer goods.

Steve was a founding member of the executive advisory board for the Event Marketing Institute, which was launched to train, certify and support those who want a career in the Event Marketing field.  He is an active member of the CMO Council, and one of the annual voting members of the American Marketing Association’s Marketing Hall of Fame.  He has contributed to marketing articles and provided case studies for various business books like Value Above Cost (Wharton Publishing).

He is a frequent speaker at the Stanford University Business School’s Strategic Marketing Management Program where executives from around the world come to be immersed in the latest strategies and emerging trends in marketing and has taught at their Digital Marketing Executive Program.  He has been a featured speaker and panelist at multiple marketing, technology and business conferences including South by Southwest’s (SXSW) digital track.

A leader in leveraging new technology to design and deliver superior customer experiences, he has worked with some of the leading global companies in 3D immersive physical environments, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) to effectively create consumer desire and strengthen relationships.  Though a supporter of technology, his passion and message has been to ensure brands stay grounded in their purpose and to focus on designing and building meaningful relationships that happen to now be in a digital world.